6-7 May 2019, Kampala, Uganda

Session 1: Welcome and introductions

  • Facilitated by ICLEI

Session 2: Promoting active mobility in East Africa

Session 3: Cities SHIFT: A first step in developing a sustainable mobility strategy

Session 4: Ecologistics for more sustainable urban freight in East Africa

  • Tsu-Jui Cheng (ICLEI)

Session 5: Informal public transport: Challenge or opportunity?

Session 6: What do African local governments need to promote sustainable mobility?

  • Facilitated by ICLEI

Session 7: Integrating active mobility into urban spatial planning

Session 8: Building a walking and cycling culture with ‘Open Streets’ events

Session 9: Financing infrastructure for active mobility

  • Beatrice Chng (ICLEI)

Session 10: Reflections and next steps for sustainable mobility in East African cities

  • Facilitated by ICLEI

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